For the Cunningham family, their weekends are filled with dirt, loud engines, and good friends. Ryan was born and raised in Nelsonville, Ohio and chose to raise his family there. His soon-to-be wife, Brittany Sixx, 27, grew up around the Nelsonville area too. Ryan has two children, Dakota, 8, and Joseph, 12, from a previous relationship and an 18-month-old son, Wesley with Brittany. Since his children could crawl, Ryan has made it his goal to teach his sons everything he knows about motocross.

“It's his first love,”

— Brittany Sixx

When Ryan isn’t working, coaching Dakota’s football team, or selling bike parts; he is attending the boys’ races. Joseph, a young motocross prodigy, is at the top of his game, competing against kids his own age as well as men who are in their fifties. His younger brother, Dakota, is also a very talented racer. Joseph hopes to go pro within the next few years and juggles schoolwork on top of his aspirations. The Cunningham’s are always traveling from March until October when the weather is nice, to compete in different states. All of the Cunningham’s friends and family involve themselves in the culture of racing and have created a large family that will live on from generation to generation.