Growing up, photographing my friends and family became a way to commemorate the little details about my personal life. It soon became a personal diary and a way to document, process and remember life as it unfolded in front of me. My goal is to do the same for others and uplift stories that shouldn't be forgotten. Studying photojournalism has helped me to better understand the human condition, which allows us all to relate to each other to some capacity. I am happiest when meeting new people who can give face to issues on a micro and macro scale. Using the camera to create compassionate, honest and reflective imagery is my goal with every story I am humbled to tell. In my spare time, I like to impulsively dye my hair every color under the sun, hike around Southeastern, Ohio and cook different variations of carbs, cheese and marinara sauce. This year I have graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Visual Communications - Documentary Photojournalism. I have previously been the photo intern for The Hill and the multimedia intern or USA Today. Summer, 2019 I will be relocating to Chicago, Illinois to be a photo intern for The Chicago Tribune. Open to relocation and currently taking freelance assignments.